Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Much talk these days is about using recyclable products. This is fantastic and I am not knocking this. However one of my benefits is NOT using recyclable products. Yes you read correctly. And in doing this, not using ANY products at all.

My Passion is reduce. The first and very important R.

With recycling an item needs to be produced, and it has to be recycled, and an outlet for the recycleate needs to be found, and another item produced. This does not sound very sustainable to me.

Reuse is awesome. Especially when we can reuse, up-cycle, and re-purpose items initially used by people who are yet to learn better more sustainable habits.

Reduce is best.

Yes I build brand new Tiny Houses (obviously I put other sustainability considerations into these as well). However hopefully I can reduce the number of other brand new houses being built on the outskirts of growing cities. And also the demolition of perfectly good homes to make space for new dwellings. In Tiny houses the second and third and fourth bedrooms use no recycled materials, require the harvesting of no trees, and don’t support any mining or energy consumption.

In addition to the house itself, the Tiny house (and the Tiny House culture) assists in greatly reducing the contents of your house. You soon discover that you simply don’t need that brand new shipped from China sofa for the family room or formal lounge room that you never sit on.

The meaning of the word ‘need’ reduces when living tiny. Need does not mean, the constant accumulation of more, as presented by much of western culture and marketing. A shift of attitude to ‘don’t need’ is a wonderful thing. Yes we do need basic things, (air, water, food, shelter, love). Have these things and then stop accumulating. The planet will thank you for it. 🙂


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