The Rule Makers are catching up with Tiny Houses

Many people ask about the regulations on Tiny Houses. Seems our society is accustomed to having rules for everything. It should be remembered that the rule makers are there to serve society as a whole and the rules and regulations are them doing there best to achieve this. (As a member of society we should also all be doing our best to achieve an awesome society to live in)

Tiny Houses are clearly permitted in many cases, however for certain uses the concept falls into a grey area. The authorities don’t have a box to tick for Tiny Houses. We could just say “well it is not ‘not allowed’. However the better thing to do is to clear up the grey.

The Tiny House industry and councils are working on just that. They can see that a) society wants it, and b) society needs it. So whereas some uses are clearly permitted, the uses that are still grey are moving towards clearly permitted as well.

There is much research being done for this path forward. A good place to start is reading the documents at


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