Regulations approving Tiny Houses are already here

Here are some of my personal views. (Obviously do proper research before forming your view).

There is always a lot of talk on the legal parking of Tiny Houses.

Regulations approving Tiny Houses are already here. Rescode is the Victorian State ‘rule book’ that municipalities are supposed to follow, and most days of the week they do. In these regulations it clearly states that it is permissible to have a dependant person’s unit ancillary to a dwelling. It also states that such unit must be moveable.

Now if your son or daughter (regardless of age) or parent, live in this unit at your address they are clearly dependant. The code also does not restrict dependant persons to family, however excludes landlord/ tenant arrangements.

A planning permit is not required for a dependant persons unit.

Another thing to note is that a planning permit and a building permit are two totally separate things. They are also dealt with by separate departments of the council or shire.

A Tiny House on wheels comes under a caravan and therefore complies with and gets registered by the roads department, Vic roads, instead of approval by the building department. Therefore no building permit is required. To say it does not need a permit may infer that it is getting away from complying with the rules. This (which could have upset some people, especially the rule enforcers) is not the case. It is simply that it has to follow the correct rules for what it is.

So on the planning department side of things, in many, possibly most zones, dependant persons units are fully allowed for. You don’t require a planning permit as it is already approved in the rules. There are some sitting requirements that you will have to look at for your site. Things like don’t put it right on your boundary blocking the sun to your neighbours living room. But don’t do that anyway.

On that note, Councils’ job in part is to make sure everybody gets along. And they do this the best they can with rules. I propose to you that as members of society, and responsible Tiny House users we should all be taking on initiatives and actions for getting along with our neighbours already. If you do so, in many cases council will happily not see their services are of need where you are.

Two more things.

There is also the health and safety department. So deal with your sewerage properly and be safe.

And the local laws department. Some councils do not allow you to live in a caravan for more than a certain time (28 days in Frankston) without a permit. So this depends on your use. Maybe you are only living in it for short periods as guest or holiday accommodation, or maybe you could just get a permit. (Apply yourself, print off google earth and draw on your Tiny House, pay the ?$70).

The more accurate outcome to this last matter in many cases however is that it does not require a permit because it is, as discussed earlier, a dependant persons unit.

(Disclaimer, this is a personal view, decide for yourself).


7 thoughts on “Regulations approving Tiny Houses are already here”

  1. An interesting article thank you….learning more every day…I am excited by the prospect of possibilities of a new way to live

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    1. Hi Mike.
      They are very versatile and you can call them caravans if you personally want to. The difference is that they use design, construction methods, and fixtures that are more like a house making them enjoyable for living in permanently.

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